Brazilian buffet


“A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.”– Grace Murray Hopper

Yardwork in the AM. Mowing, pulling blackberries, tearing out old chicken wire.

Thursday gi in Bellevue.

“Brazilian Buffet”: ie, rotating spars with no breaks.

Cindy came in about halfway through, which was cool as I have not seen (or rolled with) her in forever.

My performance seemed not particularly terrible nor spectacular today.

I got yelled at by Carlos for setting up a kneebar on John. Big Mouth exclaimed, laughing, “You can’t KNEEBAR me!” and of course that got Carlos’ head popping right up. John later admitted that I would have had that kneebar, and the “tattletale defense” was his last resort. He’s got 4 stripes on his purple belt, so he’d better get ready for those kneebars.

More yardwork after class.

Put your jacket on, take your jacket off

When we have worked hard and succeed at something, we should be allowed to smell the roses.  They key is to recognize that the beauty of those roses lies in their transience. It is drifting away even as we inhale. We enjoy the win fully while taking a deep breath, then we exhale, note the lesson learned, and move onto the next adventure. –Josh Waitzkin, “The Art Of Learning”



Saturday lunchtime in Seattle. Turns out that lately, Saturday in Seattle involves putting your gi top on and taking it off several times over the course of the class. It also involves using both mats, as there was a HUGE crowd of people there.

I didn’t feel up to doing 2 hours straight today, so I just went for the live training. I sparred Vic in gi and no-gi, and tooled him. Then got tooled in turn by Coach Dynamo. He kept putting me on the bottom and then just perching there, forcing me to get out. After that, I got tooled by (black belt) Lindsey. I continue to fail to get the first cross-collar gi choking hand in quite deep enough while I’m trying to choke him.

Operation KILL ALL THE BLACKBERRIES continues, every day that it’s not raining. Lots of stooping, squatting, carrying, pulling. I am also assembling a selection of small logs for the posts of the new fence- which involves carrying a log per day home from the River (again, when it’s not actively raining).