Farewell to Georgette. :(


Examine your agenda occasionally. What you want to believe will always get in the way of what you know. _Rory Miller

I drove to Edmonds today to get one last roll with Georgette before she leaves town. Always a joy to roll with her, Griff, Dandelion and Craig- and the former two always have helpful advice for me.

After class, I walked/sprinted two miles to an appointment in downtown Bellevue (I was a little late, hence the sprinting) and walked the two miles back. I was already feeling slight shin splints from the sprints (there’s a tongue twister for ya).

Diet has been appalling lately. I have purposefully stayed out of the stores and away from the post V-Day candy sales, but the holiday aftermath at work has not been pretty: cookies, chocolate, some evil thing called “brownie bark” that I had never heard of and now wish it had remained so. I don’t know how much damage has been done because I am afraid to weigh myself, but I do seem to observe some extra tiredness with may be at least partially attributable to sugar OD. I need to get back on track. Also: rain for the last several days, which has meant no yard work. The yard work, disappointingly, does not seem to be a good weight loss tool… yet it is still satisfying on several levels to put in several hours of hard labor and be able to look at (at least a piece of) a job well done.