“Just let it happen” Uh, no.


(Being in a) Hard Zone demands a cooperative world for you to function. – Josh Waitzkin, “The Art Of Learning”

Thurs lunchtime BJJ in Bellevue. We were professorless today, so Nelson was kind enough to work with us on a couple of judo throws, and then we sparred.

I continue to have great difficulty getting out from under side control (I continue to request that people put me there and just sit on me). Chrisanne likes to trap my near arm so that I can’t get my elbow down, which makes it even harder.

Also, I need more options for attacking Chrisanne’s Teflon Turtle. She doesn’t let me get any hands or feet in anywhere. Next time I get some private moments with an upper belt, I will ask for suggestions for that.

Currently arguing with some asshat on Georgette’s wall who feels that women should not carry guns and should simply submit to rapes in the hope of keeping their lives (because if you “escalate” , that’ll just make things worse for you). I don’t know why I argue with these people. It just gives me indigestion and makes me hate humanity even more. I should just find a forum to publish my eloquent wisdom as articles instead.


It’s ugly. Really ugly.

The head instructor at GB Yakima has been arrested for having sex with an underage student. I don’t really know the guy… he came to class at the Seattle pod sometimes on weekends, so of course I saw him around and even shook his hand from time to time in line and at comps. Don’t think I ever rolled with him. As soon as I saw who it was, though, I had an immediate strong suspicion of who the student was. Someone I don’t know well enough and didn’t have enough contact with to be beating myself up about not having seen something, certainly…. and yet…… what does it say that I instantly thought, “OMG, it’s got to be ____”? I seriously have met her glancingly like two or three times in the space of five years. What does it say about the people who DID train regularly with these two? Why the fuck didn’t they see something? Say something? *DO* something? (I know, I’m pissed off and looking for targets to blame.)

GB put out a statement saying the instructor has been suspended, and that our hearts all go out to the survivor. I was relieved. I am aware that GB Pacific Northwest has a very lively drama department and gossip mill, but I tend to stay strictly out of that sort of thing, and open discussions about problem issues seem to be rare. I would have been really disturbed if there had been silence on the topic. Will be watching to see how this is handled. Going to be a painful, difficult mess for everyone, at any rate. None more so than the young lady. (Were there more???)

This is really awful. Sick to my stomach. Probably going to be ranting on this some more later.

Brotherhood Of the Banned


The primary skill, rarely practiced or taught, in defense weapons is getting the weapon into play in the first place. Drawing under close assault. –Rory Miller

Lunchtime BJJ at Bellevue.

You are seated, opponent standing before you grabbing your pants at the inside of one knee. Cross grab hir arm, use it to pull yourself up and around (Your inside foot remains planted between hir feet, your outside knee bends as you life yourself) and rear clench.

Opponent tries to butterfly sweep you. You post on your outside hand, slide your OTHER SIDE knee between hir legs, then launch backwards into side control (or the back, if s/he fails to roll back, which is difficult for hir due to you trapping hir leg)

Standing pass of DLR guard.

Multiple short spars with the same person (John).


An hour and a half rolling with Kelly, first gi and then no-gi. We started from standup each time- and she took me down with the same wrestling takedown every time; I was unable to either defend or land in a decent position. Needs more work. I stopped trying to hang onto her neck after I once got a really disquieting set of cracking sounds as I went down on my ass. (Wide-eyed: “Are you okay?!!!??” “Yeah.” “If you had closed your eyes and dropped to the mat, I would have had a fuckin’ heart attack.”) I tapped her twice, she tapped me about ten times. I won’t say it wasn’t frustrating- especially the amount of time I spent trapped on the bottom- but she is really good practice for me.

Georgette feels that women have the right to know that they are learning self defense from an accused rapist, and that they have an accused rapist between their legs in jiu jitsu class. The following Facebook page has been created for the purpose of

1)whining that poor sweet Mat Maldonado is being “stalked” and “harrassed” online, and

2)posting photos of Georgette, her work address, her salary, and pleas for people to call her employer.

Um, yeah.


Please visit the page and share your feelings.

A bunch of us have already reported the page to Facebook for harassing Georgette, but please add your complaint to the list.

He is still swaggering about saying that he did nothing wrong… my hope is that the next time he has the opportunity to do what he did, he will think about all this “unjust harassment” that resulted, and decide that it just isn’t worth it.

I am proud to report that two of my awesome teammates- Griff and Casey- as well as myself and a whole bunch of other people have been banned from posting on the page and had all of our comments censored. Please join our Brotherhood Of the Banned. 🙂

Sherdog tucks its tail


I’m sure the thread on this link is going to get deleted pretty quick, so I’ll summarize. The Sherdog site has deleted multiple threads (several thousand posts in all) regarding Lloyd Irvin Jr and his associations with rape. Conversations on that topic are no longer permitted. (!!!) Yeah, you heard me. Apparently he and/or his cronies started whining threats about lawsuits, and the Sherdog mods caved “quicker than a cheap folding chair at a fat man convention” (thanks NateTX4112).

All new threads about LI… as well as any threads about the censorship itself … are being deleted as fast as people can post them.

Just another case of dangerous elements in our midst trying (and SUCCEEDING!!!!!! They are SUCCEEDING, folks!!!!) to intimidate us all into shutting up and letting them go about their victimizing in peace.

This message brought to you because you have a right to know who you’re training with, and who your families and friends are training with.