Weekend labors


Intuition rarely fails. Not always- but almost always- you WILL get an alarm bell. What fails is our response to the bell. –Rory Miller

Saturday- I was determined to go to no-gi in Kirkland, but I felt like a brontosaurus was sitting on top of me wearing a suit of armor and holding an armload of elephants. Came so close to blowing it off, but forced myself into my gear and out the door. I was too late for the class, but did several rolls afterward- two with Dave, which is great. There was a new girl- she seems eager and was happy to play with me. Tried to be really careful of left shoulder, and asked everyone to be careful of it.

Dave is getting so awesome. He’s getting so Cindyesque. I’m impressed. And jealous.

Cindy ghosted through briefly, looking terrible. She looked like she had a STACK of armored brontosauri sitting on top of her.

After class, Boch and I climbed the Index Wall. Very steep climb, boggling views from the top. We made good steady time climbing, displayed decent cardio and decent mountain-goat ability, not too many stops. Knees of course were whooping with agony on the way down. Note that a walking stick would be helpful for the down climb on such a steep hike. Noting also that my lower back was bothering me a lot later that night. When my knees hurt, I tend to get very stiff-legged. It doesn’t help my knees, it only makes my lower back take a lot of extra jarring. I need to pay better attention and try to stop doing that.

After all that, I thought I’d sleep the sleep of the righteously exhausted… but the knees, lower back, and shoulder conspired with the traffic noise to give me a very very poor night. Thinking about getting a white noise machine. However, I’m very anxious about being able to hear Teddy bumping around if he starts to have a diabetic emergency while I’m in bed.

On Sunday, JB and I moved furniture. It was great to see her again. We worked very well together, at a brisk pace, and moved a lot of heavy things. We were getting tired and unamused by the time we were half done (the loading-up part), but we persevered stoically. The only thing we had to admit defeat on was the washing machine. That puppy really wants three able people to move it. We did, however, manage to move an old TV that felt like a freakin’ UHAUL full of armored brontosauri. My body did fairly well with all of this, the lower back loosened up and felt better, although I wanted to sob every time I descended from the high cab of the UHaul and my knees took the impact of hitting the ground.

When we were done, we went to the Mongolian Grill and stuffed our faces. I almost never go out to eat without taking a doggie bag, but today doggie was out of luck- I wolfed every crumb. After all that hard work, it tasted like one of the best meals ever.