Thursday X2


Make your attacker advance through a wall of bullets. You may get killed with your own gun, but he’ll have to beat you to death with it, cause it’s going to be empty. -Clint Smith

Lunchtime BJJ in Bellevue.

Copious drills. Single-legs (Carlos reprimanded me for repeatedly flinging Chrisanne against the wall. I informed him that the wall is a weapon. He was not amused.). Kimuras from closed guard. Cross collar chokes from closed guard.

About a million rounds of closed guard pass vs sweep. Sweeps continue to be the weakest part of my game. Didn’t get a single one. Got some passes.

One roll with Chrisanne.

Evening BJJ in Kirkland. I am trying to make an appearance in Kirkland once in a while, even if I can’t make it on Cindy’s days. On Thurs evenings it’s “basics” in there, which is often a little easier for me to deal with that the “advanced” in Bellevue, when you’re talking two classes in one day. It also starts half an hour earlier, which lets me get home a little sooner.

Tonight I definitely coasted a bit. Dave is getting over some respiratory funk, so did not challenge me as he usually does (no coasting when you’re rolling with Dave). I was working with a brand new girl white belt who couldn’t even make it through the entire drill session.

Pummelling. Cross collar choke from closed guard (cranking the person to the side a bit to facilitate the choke… like this detail. Was not able to do it on stupid side, dammit.). Basic guard pull from standing. Guard pull to armbar from guard. Guard pull to failed armbar from guard, to triangle.

One roll with a tall white belt guy. Armbarred him and RNC’ed him.

He can punch you


In most cases, aggression beats skill. –Rory Miller

Thurs: 127

I’ve been undisciplined lately with the Dr Pepper, and I have also been having some pasta (I’ve stayed away from pasta and rice for months). I am doing well with portion control and snacking (lack thereof, or substituting healthier items).

So…. sore……..

Lunchtime BJJ in Bellevue. Silken Needle, Five Animals, and Leopard Fist to warm up. I haven’t done any Kung Fu forms in a long time.

Guard pull drills. All…. hour……

More work than sparring, more work than pretty much anything except constant takedown work.

My performance started to flag in the final 1/3, as I was weary unto death.

I have been reading a lot of Rory Miller lately. One of the things I sometimes worry about now that I’m not actively training Kung Fu is that I don’t want to become a “sport” martial artist. I still feel that the training I do at Gracie Barra is largely usable for defense… but it occurs to me more strongly lately that when I get trapped on the bottom, and/or when I’m doing “Clench-N-Cling”, those would be times for an assailant to 1)punch me, or 2)try to pull out a knife or other weapon. It would probably be good if I made an effort to focus- at least part of the time- on imagining that my grapping opponent can punch me or pull a weapon. This might spur me to be more actively mobile, and also not get stuck in a “sport” mentality where I forget that theoretically, people can punch me.

Guard pulls and more guard pulls


Archery is, therefore, not practiced solely for hitting the target; the swordsman does not wield the sword just for the sake of outdoing his opponent; the dancer does not dance just to perform certain rhythmical movements of the body. The mind has first to be attuned to the Unconscious. –D. T. Suzuki

“Pink Team” followed by “All levels” in Bellevue.

Pink Team: guard pulls from standup… light resistance, pull to a variety of open guards.

Then: scissor sweeps and situp sweeps. Drills, then try to sweep partner with light resistance.

Saeki’s guard passes are getting very good. She seems to get intimidated easily. I hooked behind her neck somewhat aggressively while we were doing the standup, and told her “I’m doing this repeatedly because I can tell it’s freaking you out. Don’t get intimidated.” I think she is mostly working in the Pink Team classes, and not getting roughandled much. I’m going to try to push her envelope there a bit, while being verbally encouraging.

All levels: a little more guard pulling, a little bullfight pass setup drilling, then rotating short spars with multiple people. I went hard on Crisanne, which continues to mean more and more work for me as she continues to get better and better. I tried the spider guard and lasso stuff again, and found that it is quite a bit more difficult on people with long arms. Some people have arms that are longer than my legs, sadly enough.

After class, Lindsey tried to get me to play on the balance ball. She and Casey are completely obsessed with this. I was able to kneel on it within a few minutes, although standing was possible for only a few seconds before losing my balance. It would be so funny to be able to stand on it before Casey is able to do so.

I am really sore all over tonight. Getting out of bed in the morning is going to be interesting.