Do I get to keep it?


RCW(Revised Code Washington) 9A.16.010

unless a different meaning is plainly required:

(1) “Necessary” means that no reasonably effective alternative to the use of force appeared to exist and that the amount of force used was reasonable to effect the lawful purpose intended.

(2) “Deadly force” means the intentional application of force through the use of firearms or any other means reasonably likely to cause death or serious physical injury.

Sunday lunchtime BJJ in Seattle. I was happy to see Ben and Aussie Dave walk in.

We were all purple belts and up. I was the lowest-ranked person in the room! That was weird. That hasn’t happened in a long time.

As usual: king of the hill from different positions.

During one break, I noticed the black belt and two brown belts having a belt-tying workshop. I asked, “Don’t you guys know how to tie your belts yet?!” Black Belt Nate said, “This method does not come off- ever.” I said, “Next time I roll with you, I’m going to try to take it off!”

So I did. I got his belt off, and asked, “Do I get to keep it?” “Only if you can take it off me *AND* choke me out with it.” I looped the belt around his neck, and then froze up! “I can’t do it… this just feels so….. wrong and disrespectful!”

Belly-banded it for the last few days. Like it better than the clip holster. I can feel the band, but I don’t really notice the bulk or weight of the gun most of the time. Still feel a little stiff, but not as bad as with the holster.

“Oh my God…..”


You and your weapon are a pair. Without your weapon, you are unarmed and can only do what meat can do. Without you, your weapon is an inert lump of metal. Together is all that counts. Comfort isn’t enough for that. It takes work and practice to make that pairing effective. –Rory Miller

Saturday lunchtime no-gi at Kirkland.

Guard passing. Double-unders; tripoding and then wrapping the guy’s wrist behind his own back, the one where you push the guy’s knees to his chin and then leap into front mount when he pushes back; the one where the guy is too smart to push back, so you sit on his thighs, then break-dance to side control.

For the leap-into-front-mount, I warned Dave sternly, “Don’t you thump down on my ribs!” He was completely offended. Then on my first rep, I clubbed him in the head. I am the worst drilling partner ever. I will insult *and* brutalize you.

Positional sparring, pass open guard versus retain open guard. Positional sparring from closed guard. King of the hill starting from some of the guard pass positions we worked on today.

A couple of short spars.

After sparring and water break, as we were lining back up, there happened to be a lull in the chatter just as one of the white belts trudging down the line moaned softly to himself, “Oh my God!” We all broke up laughing.

I went shopping wearing my clip holster. Which was- conveniently- an excuse to go shopping. I had been told that it is common for virgin concealed-carriers to feel like we’re wearing flashing neon sandwich boards that say, ***!!!I HAVE A GUN!!!*** I wonder if I’m the only one who is afraid to bend my leg. I dropped a shirt on the floor and then just stood there looking down at it, thinking, “Damn… what am I suposed to do now?” Ha ha. Visiting a public restroom was also terrifying. I had very carefully positioned the gun in its high-quality, well-fitting holster, and it stayed put quite well, but I just can’t get over the feeling that any moment I’m going to blast my own leg off. I think I may feel better about the belly band. I’m happy to have different options to try. I also stayed cool when two cops came marching into the store looking for a guy they were chasing. I left. Kind of nice to know that if I ran into the guy they were chasing, I was armed.