Bad Santa!



There will never be a simple formula to give clear answers to know how much force is enough. Force incidents are chaos and we can’t write a cookie-cutter answer to chaos.  –Rory Miller

Carlos: Are you coming to class on Saturday?
Me: No, I have to work.
Carlos (nodding thoughtfully) I need to talk to your boss.
Me: You could take him.
Thursday lunchtime BJJ in Bellevue.

“Brazilian Buffet” (ie, all spars). I went with Nelson first, who is injured, as usual. Ribs. (or as the Brazilians would say, “Reebs.”)   One of the reasons I love rolling with Nelson is that it’s all technical. Although gripfighting with the judo guy is a foregone conclusion. I shook my finger in his face when we were done and said, “No white belts.” There were plenty of colored belts in the room who would know enough to stay off his reebs if asked.

Garrick was setting me up for a sub when he realized that I was setting him up for a keylock from a very strange position.  I hadn’t really expected it to work, but it distracted him enough that I was able to escape his sub attempt.

Went with one of the white belt guys that I’ve been giving tips to, and was pleased to see that he is responding correctly to a number of situations. “I see you have been learning a thing or two in here.”  “I’m trying!” He said (again) that he always learns a lot rolling with me. (Okay, so I never really get tired of hearing that….)

I got a roll with Cindy, too. It’s been a while. She told me that she had made a very large black belt retire to the bathroom after being crossfaced. I was not surprised. Cindy’s crossfaces are evil!

Me (trying to escape back mount):  No! I don’t *want* to sit in your lap!
Doug: Come tell me what you want for Christmas!
Me: No! Bad Santa! Bad Santa!