Around the world


If you think about it, we receive, evaluate and act on vibes every day- and we, as a species, are quite effective at it. Applying this to self-defense is not a new skill, it is applying a skill you already have in a new manner. Campfire Tales From Hell

Friday evening BJJ in Bellevue.

Tripod sweep. Note that Doug wants me to let go of the lapel and grab the sleeve cuff (on the same side as I have the elbow) BEFORE sitting.

“Around the world” drills- ie, side control, scarf, north south, scarf, side control….. is there a name for when you sit on your hip preparing to front mount??…… front mount, nameless again, side control.

I had a brand spanking new white belt with almost no English tonight, so that was interesting. I had to walk him through everything in excruciating detail, and mostly in pantomime. As least he didn’t seem really weirded out by working with a girl. Sometimes some of the new foreign-born students are. This one only seemed the normal “novice grappler” amount of weirded out by things like north-south and putting a lot of weight on the opponent in side control.

20-minute roll with Doug. I seem to have acquitted myself ok, but I felt dissatisfied by how conservative and clingy I was playing. It seems that particularly with the black belts, I fail to flow- partly because I feel anxious that if I try to go faster, I’m going to do moronic stuff. Doug has been working with me long enough that he’s not going to think I’m an idiot for doing a few dumb moves. I should let myself relax and experiment more with him. He’s safe to do it with.

After an unfortunate potato chip encounter at work last week, I’ve restrained my eating in the last few days and dropped a couple of pounds. Bought 3 cartons of eggs today. Unfortunately, a Facebook friend posted a graphic photo of an egg she’d cracked open which was awfully chicken-fetus-y. I find eggs pretty gross anyway- I try to not think about it- but that did not help. When I was about 7, I found an eye in the yolk of a hard-boiled Easter egg. It scarred me for life. I still look at eggs askance, and to this day I won’t eat hard-boiled yolks. But when you’re an athlete, you just sort of HAVE to do eggs.