Blocking with your face




“A small daily task, if it really be daily, will beat the labors of a spasmodic Hercules.” -Anthony Trollope

Friday BJJ in Bellevue: A second helping on Brazilian Buffet. I did well at staying on top of people tonight, but still lack in the subbing stage.
Thurs BJJ in Bellevue: Dreels. Pummelling, Double-leg takedowns, then gradually adding side control, KOB, then a weird armbar that I can’t even begin to describe.
It was nice to be dreelling with Amy, who is always ready to put in a serous effort. Also, she is now advanced enough to be really good for dissecting things and experimenting. In fact, we experimented so much that we got in trouble with the prof.
One long roll with Justin. We rolled until Carlos kicked us out of the gym.
Missed Friday class because I picked up an extra work shift, but I did get a walk- as I always do when I work day shift, because I am too cheap to pay a parking fee at the hospital garage.
I’m down seven pounds (there was a week-long plateau in there…).  I was doing one can of pop per day at first but now I’m back up to 2 or 3. That’s still an improvement over my usual, although I continue to see little if any change in my weight, energy level or anything else by cutting down pop. I have been working hard at one of my biggest hurdles- snacking at work. Also, having mouse-sized meal portions pre-portioned is a good tactic- It prevents me from going into the kitchen raving hungry and sticking a giant portion in the microwave. If I’m still hungry after my single mouse-portion, I try to wait a while before having another.
I’m hungry a lot. I always complain about trying to control my weight, but it’s ten times harder when you’re on a medication that is actively working against you and trying its damndest to turn you into a blimp.

Thursday BJJ. I had to do evening no-gi because my dog needed to see the vet in the afternoon. Can’t remember the last time I did no-gi.

Double-leg takedown drills, to side control, to front mount. Let them bridge, then take the back and choke.

Double-leg to side control, opponent defends the mount by putting foot on knee. You turn and sit on your hip facing hir feet. Overhook hir thigh and pull it UP  (scoot your butt back first, or it won’t work) and then down to the mat. (Opponent’s back is now twisted painfully.) Place the sole of your foot on the mat between hir knees and scoot your other knee up to hir belly. Take the elbow closest to hir feet and place it on the mat on the far side of hir hip. Summersault over your shoulder so that your head is at hir feet. As you go over, make sure your knee is hooked securely behind hir knee- grab the ankle with your hand and stuff it further in there just to be sure. This will flip and twist the person right into your back mount. It’s complicated, but lord is it ever smooth once you get all  the steps right…. and from having had it done to me, it’s one of those “WTH just happened??!??” moments.

Positional training starting from several points of this technique. While takedown sparring, I went for an aggressive underhook on Chrisanne and she blocked with her face. As a general rule- blocking with your face is never a good plan. Luckily I did not break her nose, but I felt awful.

I have lost half of my medication-induced extra weight. It is coming off very reluctantly. Hungry ALL THE TIME.   😦


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