Is my B. O. that bad?


Most of the time, the person who “wins” at violence is the one who crossed the line. –Campfire Tales From Hell

Open mat at Seattle.

I got there kind of late because I slept in a bit….. I never get to sleep in, and it was just so nice…. but I got to Seattle and as I walked in, everbody was clearing out.

Me: “Is my B.O. *that* bad??”
Peter: “It’s pretty bad.”

He stayed to roll with me for about 10 min, then he had to leave and the only person left was a young-20’s blue belt that I’d never met before. He was fun. We rolled for an hour.

Now that it’s getting cold, it is tempting to wuss out on hiking…. but the dogs are still eager to go, and one of my nearby walking buddies is being really helpful about getting us out there.

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