Compact pendulum sweeps


Danger arises when people think in only two mindsets, conversation or combat. When one side is trying to deny that they are in a dangerous situation and are trying to talk their way out of it, the other side has made a choice on some level to do violence and is merely looking for an opening. –Campfire Tales From Hell

Friday evening BJJ in Bellevue. Hot enough to fry an egg on the mat.

Grab-the-ankles sweep. Carlos scootched his hips right between his opponent’s feet and used his feet on the opponent’s hipbones. I tend to roll up almost onto my neck and use my knees, so it’s good to keep in mind that there are other options.

Pendulum sweep. Instead of pinning opponent’s arm across hir chest, we just pressed the elbow in with one palm. Tonight we were also hipping out much less than I tend to do, and using the bottom leg to shove much less than I tend to do. It looked very compact and effortless when Carlos did it. Didn’t seem like it should work. But of course it did.

Opponent is in your guard with tight hold on your belt, elbows tucked. Grab hir wrist (same side) and hip up violently to make a space to slide your other hand underneath to grab your own wrist. Now you can push up and beak the grip. Yank opponent’s arm across hir chest and hip out. Do not stick your far leg between hir knees- this time we kept that far leg on the outside while hipping out quite a lot, then pulling opponent into back mount. Don’t forget to trap the wrist once you have back mount.

I really wanted to spar, but it was just too hot.

Had a good online conversation with an artistic friend- music, books, writing. It’s always stimulating to talk to other creative people.

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