No concession


Getting handed a shit sandwich with life isn’t that big a deal… but the idea that it’s not normal, that the sandwich of life is supposed to be roast beef with bacon and cream cheese lightly toasted with brown mustard… that’s the part that hurts. The suffering- if it is that- lingers in the gap between the expectation and the reality. –Campfire Tales From Hell

Saturday lunchtime BJJ in Seattle.

So tired driving in. I had slept poorly, and it was still very hot.

Same techniques as last night. Chrisanne was very sore and not at all pleased. I was down with it. I was sore but not too badly, mostly just tired. I am a slow learner, and it’s a good thing for me to do the same techniques for two or three days in a row. I like to watch myself get better every day, and pick up a few fine new details every day. I decided that today was going to be The day Of Perfect Form.

Going to be doing that standing guard pass in my sleep tonight.

After class, I took off my jacket and lay on my back in the locker room, trying to decide about the live training hour next. The heat takes it out of me and makes me not want to do anything. But as I evaluated my body and motivation level, I had to admit that the exhaustion I was feeling was really not any worse than the exhaustion I was feeling on the drive in, before I had even done anything. So I really had no excuse.

I didn’t stay for the full hour, but I had a fairly long roll with Danae and one with Amy. Both are prepping for tournaments, so I focused on that sweet spot of trying to stay just a hair ahead of them and make them work. Helped Danae with her upa and a couple of other things. Amy is amazingly improved every single time I roll with her. Her guard passes are excellent, and she never, NEVER gives up- which I love about her game. As you’re working for that pass or that side control or whatever, there usually comes a point where the opponent gives up and concedes it to you. Amy NEVER concedes. You might get it- you MIGHT… but she is going to fight you every single frickin’ millimeter until you do.

I remembered to take my headgear home with me today.

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