Passing half guard


We live in an attention-deficit culture. We are bombarded with more and more information… the constant supply of stimulus has the potential to turn us into addicts, always hungering for something new and prefabricated to keep us entertained. When nothing exciting is going on, we might get bored, distracted, separated from the moment. So we look for new entertainment…If caught in these rhythms, we are like current-bound surface fish, floating along a two-dimensional world without any sense for the gorgeous abyss below. – Josh Waitzkin, “The Art Of Learning”

Thursday evening no gi in Bellevue.

Pummelling, double-leg setups, sprawls.

You are in top half guard. Press opponent’s hip (and thus back) to the mat. Hop your butt to the other side of hir and kimura hir topmost arm as s/he tries to turn in to you. Keeping the kimura, slide over hir chest on your hip, using your free foot to pry off the half guard as you go. As you land at hir shoulder, s/he will try to get on top. You can either armbar or grab the back from here.

Positional training from half guard with rotating partners.

One roll with Chrisanne and one with An. I am currently trying to be better about staying longer to roll after class. If I feel really really tired and/or hot, I am going to try to make myself wait a while to see if I can get a second wind.

I am really noticing Chrisanne getting stronger and harder since she’s been doing Monkey Bar Gym. I think she is stronger than me at this point.

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