“Just let it happen” Uh, no.


(Being in a) Hard Zone demands a cooperative world for you to function. – Josh Waitzkin, “The Art Of Learning”

Thurs lunchtime BJJ in Bellevue. We were professorless today, so Nelson was kind enough to work with us on a couple of judo throws, and then we sparred.

I continue to have great difficulty getting out from under side control (I continue to request that people put me there and just sit on me). Chrisanne likes to trap my near arm so that I can’t get my elbow down, which makes it even harder.

Also, I need more options for attacking Chrisanne’s Teflon Turtle. She doesn’t let me get any hands or feet in anywhere. Next time I get some private moments with an upper belt, I will ask for suggestions for that.

Currently arguing with some asshat on Georgette’s wall who feels that women should not carry guns and should simply submit to rapes in the hope of keeping their lives (because if you “escalate” , that’ll just make things worse for you). I don’t know why I argue with these people. It just gives me indigestion and makes me hate humanity even more. I should just find a forum to publish my eloquent wisdom as articles instead.


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