Oh, it’s Telephone-Pole-Legs again.


Most blunt weapons can also be used to thrust. This is the one really dangerous application of most staff work. Except for brainstem/neck/head hits- which are relatively tough to get- most of the swing targets don’t do lethal damage. The thrust can, and it tends to be slow and sneaky damage. –Rory Miller

Proving Grounds- no surprises here. I fought Chelsea “Set Em Up and Knock Em Down” Kyger twice in gi and she did exactly what I expected her to do- got me under side control, zipped me up real tight, and then muscled me into a sub. Lord, she is strong. She tapped me with a cross collar choke… usually if I have one hand controlling the elbow, I can scuttle those- but she just forced it on through. I almost went out. I’ve never gone out on the mat, but that’s the closest I’ve come. The black roses didn’t bloom in front of my eyes, and I thought I was fine. But AFTER I tapped and she got off me and I sat upright on my knees, all the sound went away and I had a split second that felt like a skip on a DVD. It was so weird. I’ve never had it manifest that way. Chelsea also pulled off an absolutely lovely fireman’s carry takedown on me. Our second match, I managed to not get subbed (I’m happy about that) but she was still on top most of the time.

She plowed me again in no-gi. Then I had the 124lb girl…. I felt bad for her, she was a scrapper, but Chelsea ate her alive. Susan and I both beat her too (rear naked, in my case), but she made us work for it.

I didn’t recognize Susan, although she said that we had fought that the last PG. Then while I was watching her fight Chelsea, I saw one of her legs swing over Chelsea’s head, and I had a little traumatic flashback: “OHHHHHH, it’s the Telephone-Pole-Legs Girl!!!!!!!!” Last time, I had spent our match trapped in her closed guard, so I did not want to go there again. She seeems to have no takedowns…. she just circles endlessly to her left and grip fights…. but I was intimidated to try to get in because her limbs are so long. Finally she pulled guard, and I had one knee in, but I was so TIRED that I couldn’t prevent her from shoving it out and putting me in closed guard. This time, she did open her guard and try several times to sweep me. I defended her sweeps and subs but couldn’t seem to find the energy to pass. It ended in a tie, but she got a tie with Chelsea, which put her in front of me.

Griff reffed all of my fights, so he will hopefully have help for me. I think the only fight Cindy saw was my winning one (that would be nice). I couldn’t see either her or Carlos, but I could hear them both trying to corner me from opposite ends of the ring. I could also hear Carlos hollering at me during my Susan match, but I could not bring action to his orders.

Man, I hate competing. But Lamont is a friend and I want to support his event. It seems to be really meaningful to him for some reason that I show up.

It’s fun watching Craig in the comp ring. He is so relaxed, and smiles often.


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