Promotion avoidance tactics


This is the universal hand signal for GO AWAY! (Holds handgun in firing position.)

Thursday lunchtime BJJ in Bellevue.

I had one goal for today: Try to not die… as this was my first class post-food-poisoning. As I suspected, my cardio was even more pathetic than usual. I was also noticing the weight loss in a negative way (ie, it’s a little harder to hold people down and a little easier to get swept). Weird how such a small difference is so noticable.

I have kept off the weight I lost in what John referred to as “the dysentery diet” and would like to remove another six to get to tournament weight.

All spars today. I was able to keep going and didn’t have to take any breaks, although I did spend quite a bit of time turtling under big guys. When I turtle, they take my back, and as they flip me over, I squirm free. I swear this happened at least twenty times today with five different guys. I asked three of them to clasp me tighter to their chests before they try to flip me- in fact I told Justin the whole story- he then went a little tighter but still not tight enough. The others were still being too nice. I need them to stop giving me so much slack in this area. Maybe if I pressed more subs and put them on the run more instead of being purely defensive, they would give me less slack. Definitely need to take some of my favorite regulars aside and ask them to really ride me on this particular issue.

John is trying to avoid promotion. Unlike me- I just sneak around and use avoidance tactics- he actually made a comment to Carlos today about being “almost a brown belt”. He ***SO*** did that on purpose specifically to try to stall a promotion.

A friend of mine died today, and I am not doing really well with it. She had a very rapid decline after being diagnosed with cancer, and I wasn’t ready for the end this quick.


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