Mowing dandelions…. harder than it looks.


Nothing says, “Please don’t rape me.” like multiple jacketed hollowpoints. -John Fogh

Friday lunchtime BJJ in Edmonds.

Mostly rolling, some amount of yakking. It was just me, Griff, Georgette, Dandelion, and a big white belt guy.

I felt competent today. I got tapped some, and I think I may have gotten a tap or two… but it was the perfect balance of getting beaten, yet not badly enough that you start to lose heart.

I remembered my previous experiences of my sloppy non-technical squirming not working well on Georgette and Dandelion, so I tried to not do that today. I can’t say I pulled more clean technique out of my ass, but I consciously tried to not do dumb stuff.

Worked some standup with Dandelion, which was very much fun. She says she’s no good at it, but she got one really beauteous throw on me, and her balance/center/weight sinking is very nice… I had a much more difficult time trying to take her down than I usually have on a non-wrestler her size. She says she is 127, although she feels much lighter (I feel the same phenomenon with Lindsay…. she feels about 120, if that, but claims to be heavier than me).

Griff praised some of my moves, which felt really really good. I asked him (on an ongoing basis) to attack my legs so that I could work more on defending it. I did get caught once by Dandelion, doing the arm-over-my-head thing. She didn’t grab it, though. She says she’s no good at head-and-arm chokes. Still no excuse for me to keep doing that. Only did it the once, though.


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