Use it or lose it.


Recognize when you have time. People get hurt when they try to plan without time, and unnecessarily hurt others when they have time to plan and don’t use it. –Rory Miller

The Stripe Fairy is loose again at GB. John (who got his purple belt on the same day that I did) is now up to 4 stripes, and I am still at 1. After a momentary knee-jerk surge of competitive frustration, I remember that I do not WANT to get promoted. Must remember to duck into bathroom during bow-out for the next week or so.


So I ducked into the locker room and took off my jacket when it was time for bow-out, and darn if Carlos didn’t come chasing into the lobby and tell me to get back in there, and the entire class waited for me. 😦 It sucks to be the only woman in the room. It makes you way too memorable and makes it more difficult to sneak away when you want to. So that tactic is not going to work.

You have butterfly guard, opponent lying on your chest. Do a little hip bump to get your horiz. forearm across hir clavicles and push hir up (you can get kind of mean with this….). Sit up, scoot back a titch and place the outside of your knee on the mat on the side that you are NOT bracing your opponent’s chest.

Swim that arm under hir arm (remember to keep that elbow posted hard to keep hir from coming in on you) and grab the belt at hir tailbone. (This turned out to be the bugaboo detail for me…. I don’t like to grab the belt. It moves around too much, and sometimes it isn’t there at all (like in no-gi).) with your other arm, grab hir bicep and hug it to you. The more you can get hir shoulder twisted around, the better (tiny but critical detail). Sweep.

If s/he puts a foot up to catch hirself, you can underhook that knee, HOOK HIR OTHER ANKLE WITH YOUR TOE and sweep hir the other way. This was hella cool, but one of those things that my subconscious was resisting because it doesn’t seem like it should work. Important detail: try to keep that leg-underhook as you roll, because it leaves you in a much better position at the end… otherwise you often get caught in half or full guard. It also puts more weight on opponent’s chest and gives a better angle for a little Shoulder Of Justice.

One spar with Chrisanne, one with a blue belt who got two straight ankle locks on me. I had started to put myself right into the second one, like a total moron, and then checked myself and tried to go into DLR instead. He neatly hooked up my foot and did it to me again. Dammit. Then one spar with a tall skinny white belt guy I have never seen before. I got a gi choke tap on him- otherwise held him at bay with spider guard.

I was feeling distinctly torpid by the time I arrived at evening class in Kirkland, but arrive I did. Some white belt guy was there who immediately remembered me from one class LAST WINTER and was a little put out that I didn’t remember him. (again with the “only woman” thing…. do you have any idea how many white belt guys I see come and go? About a bazillion prillion quagfillion. No, I can’t remember, I’m sorry.)

Upa. I stuggled with the upa, which was embarrassing… but I do not EVER use this. I always go to half or butterfly. I don’t like sticking my arm out like that, and it takes too much time for me to remember which leg to trap and how to do it. Which says that I need to practice it more. It also seems like way too much effort to do that big ribcage-straining bridge. And it feels like it is never going to work. Again… I obviously need to drill it more.

Fortunately, we next did the combover escape from front mount to half guard… which is my go-to if they actually manage to get full mount, and I can make it work on almost everybody (even the higher belts). Which tells me that I need to quit doing it all the time and work on the upa instead.

Escape from headlock. Dave reccomends an under-over braiding of your arm after you trap the guy’s arm behind him, as this gives you more control for either a shoulder lock or choke as you choose- I generally avoid getting entangled to that extent with an opponent, but it’s difficult for him to muscle out of this because of the crappy angle.

We replaced closed guard from there…. I usually try to squirt out the back.

One spar with Edwin.

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