“That’s why I don’t stand up.”


A professional (criminal) does not fight you, doesn’t even think about fighting you. He takes you out. –Rory Miller

Thurs evening BJJ in Bellevue. I felt good to go when I left the house, but I was feeling like crap by the time I got to the gym. I had to take an allergy pill *and* and ibuprofen… I had a headache and was congested as hell. Fortunately, they seem to have done their work (passably- I can *NEVER* really breathe), and I did not have major problems getting through the class. I felt really tired at the beginning, but was able to rally- I even stayed for for the sparring at the end, ALL of it (to the point of getting kicked off the mat by Doug, who wanted to go home and have dinner).

Closed guard to butterfly to spider guard setup to triangle. I was working with Nadine, who was complaining about her incredibly short legs. They may have been short, but they were all muscle- her thighs felt like steel posts, and the instant she closed her triangles, all the air was gone and the pain was terrific.

Some positional sparring from closed guard- pass vs try to get the triangle; then pass vs sweep or triangle; then pass vs whatever.

Several spars. My performance was moderate.

Here’s yet another way you can pick out the serious martial artists who have trained something else before coming to BJJ:

Kitsune (during spar): “Why don’t you stand up when I do? You know you can take me down.”

Nadine (judo practitioner): “That’s why I don’t stand up.”

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