“I’m a purple belt.”


BJJ isn’t about doing a technique against resistance, it’s about doing techniques that your opponent doesn’t expect, and catching him off guard or off balance. Kaungren

Lunchtime BJJ in Bellevue. All positional training. I drilled with Christie, who is doing the Revolution this weekend. I blitzed her with information and advice. Suprisingly, I had *no* problem handling her easily in all of the positions today. In fact at one point when I passed her guard yet again and I could tell she was getting exhausted and a little discouraged, I had to say, “You’re doing great… I’m a purple belt.” At the end, she thanked me and said, “You helped me *so* much today.” That feels great.

Rodrigo was also there (altho not on the mat), and made a point of coming over and giving me a hug even though I was completely sweaty and disgusting. He asked me about the Revolution and I told him I had to work. He said something about having intended to get me a coaching pass- which is both frightening and flattering.


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