Thursday- yep, it’s still hot


The more peaceful a group, the easier they are to victimize. –Rory Miller

Two doses of drills, lunchtime and evening. Gordon was teaching. Since he is doing Monkey Bar Gym as well as training pretty much 24/7, he never gets tired. His warmups are brutal. As usual, partway through the warmups for class #2, my body and brain were both commenting, “This was a dumb-ass idea.” However, I was not nauseous at the end, even though it was as hot as it’s been the last few weeks. That’s a relief.

Pick-your-own-takedowns, 3 min per partner. Followed by pick-your-own-sweeps, pick-your-own-passes. Wash, rinse, repeat.

A few spars at the end of each class. In the evening I got completely disassembled by that tiny little elderly brand new blue belt. Jesus. Gotta hand it to him. I really hope he sticks with it.

Still having significant pain whenever I kneel on my knee at a certain angle- both of them. This is from the falling-down-the-stairs incident which was like a month ago. I’m starting to wonder if I chipped off a couple of bone frags in there or something. That ankle that I rolled out a long time ago is functioning fine now, but I still get a little flutter of worry in my belly whenever I come down hard on it and it’s not perfectly aligned. Getting old sucks.


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