Kimura clinic

A warrior is a master at facing conflicts, and conflict is what stands between us and the fulfillment of our desires. Daniele Bolelli, On The Warrior’s Path

Friday evening BJJ in Bellevue. Short roll with Peter to warm up.

Kimura clinic! Prof. Herbert informed us that Sakuraba, the “Gracie Hunter”, used this to beat a whole bunch of Gracies and break the arm of one of them. Booyah. I was happy to be drilling with Lindsay and not some spazzy white belt.

Opponent tries to double leg you from standing, you sprawl, s/he switches to single-leg, you slide your hand over hir shoulder blade and down into hir armpit (“Armpit” being the English word lesson of the day for Prof. Herbert), kimura. If the opponent tries to roll out of it, you just follow hir to the floor and finish it there. The positioning of this is still not instinctual to me and I continue to flounder a bit.

Same entry, only YOU are now the one doing the failed double leg, and opponent hugs you around the torso. You must note which hand s/he has on top, since that is the side you want to attack. Get your kimura grip and then fall on the hip nearest opponent. This will force hir to summersault. You are now in a T position with hir head on your ribs. The prof pointed out that this is a neck-cranking position that you can get in trouble for in gi. Just roll belly down and hop over opponent’s face, and you will be on top to finish. I have never done this technique before, and it was fairly complex, and kimuras have always been a bit tricky for me- yet I recieved a “Perfect” comment from the prof. Wowza.

Opponent bear-hugs you under arms from the back. Again, you must note which of hir hands is on top because that’s the side you want to target. Place both your hands on top of hirs, shove them down to your hips, and get kimura grip while rotating hips violently sideways to get the extra room.

Same, only now you are on your knees. As you turn your hips and grab the kimura, open your knee to the outside on that same side. your toe should be behind opponent’s foot. Now, as you roll onto your back, you can butterfly-sweep opponent over your head and continue the roll so that you land on top to finish the kimura. Herbert’s first performance of this wonderous thing prompted a spontaneous exclamation of “Holy CRAP” from me.

A few rolls with Lindsey. We both got a few taps. I always feel good after rolling with her.

Lindsey was impressed with the Tahiti Sunrise colors on my right knee (which are only getting worse as I continue to do single- and double-legs and other knee-grinding grappling drills). The knees hurt (especially the right), but I am able to function.

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