Sunday KOTH


“…he had begun to understand the great principle that moved the universe, at least that part of the universe which had to do with careers and success: you found the crazy guy who was running around inside of you, fucking up your life. You chased him into a corner and grabbed him. But you didn’t kill him. Oh no. Killing was too good for the likes of THAT little bastard. You put a harness over his head and then started plowing. The crazy guy worked like demon once you had him in the traces. –Stephen King

Sunday BJJ in Seattle.

It’s been great to do BJJ four days in a row, at 3 different Gracie Barra pods. I’m tired now.

I don’t usually get to go to Sunday class any more, but I had today off for a change because I’m working the holiday tomorrow.

It’s usually a bunch of guys 180-and-up in there on Sundays, but today there was a woman white belt, a small-side male blue belt, and Ben, aside from the usual selection of behemoths.

KOTH from various positions. I was getting really muscled around by a big white belt and a couple of the blue belts. I finally told the white belt that he should try to use technique on me, because he could “strength” me into doing whatever he wanted, but he wan’t learning anything from that. One of the blue belts seemed to figure it out for himself, after we struggled for a while and then he got frustrated and finished me by Hulking a sweep through. I said nothing, but he immediately made a disparaging comment about using poor technique. The next time we got matched up, he was much less Hulky and seemed to be putting forth some effort to do something technical.

One roll with the woman (Emma). She is pretty good. Great side control, weight, positioning. Gave her some pointers for her back mount attempts, during which she attempts to fall backward before getting tight enough.

Ankle- some twangs, and it continues a general low-level ache, but nothing major.

Came home and watched a rafter die at the river access point across the street. The Skykomish is both lovely and occasionally merciless.


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