Let’s flow roll.


Get in shape. It makes you look less like a victim, plus it also makes life more fun. Your own body is the best toy you will ever have. It’s more fun tuned up. –Rory Miller

Fri: 134.6

Typical. Skip one class, gain over a pound and a half. Ankle’s better today, though, Still ugly, but I can walk down stairs without having to take them one at a time and pause on each one.

Thurs: 135.4

Dayum 😦

Thursday evening “advanced” class in Bellevue.

A few minutes of drills: you on your back, partner standing and holding your knees. Get up (correctly) and segue into a takedown. Note that getting up “correctly” usually involves lead foot penetrated deeply between opponent’s feet.

The rest of the class was a series of 8 minute spars with rotating partners.

I started with Peter, and we agreed to go light and easy because of my ankle. We flow rolled, and that was perfect to ease back in. Shrimping on the bad side was- bad, but I didn’t have any other major issues today. I was careful, and asked all my partners to be careful.

Nadine- found out that she is a judo practitioner, which explains a lot.

Chris was there, it was very nice to see him after a long time.

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