I am on the bench.

The outside of my left ankle looks like it has a half of a tennis ball sewn under the skin, and I’m walking like an old lady.

To add insult to injury, I have an aural hematoma. A small one, and in a fairly unobtrusive place- I’m just going to leave it unless it really starts to blow up- but c’mon. I only did one and a half classes without my earguards. I guess there will be no more of that, ever.

2 thoughts on “I am on the bench.

  1. i freaked turned into Dr. House and immediately fixed it. i have ears that stick out like Will Smith’s and it would not have been a good look, especially as I have to stand and talk in front of 20 year olds for a living. LOL only happened once. used the earguards to protect it while still healing. but haven’t used one since. once my ears are being pinched, i give them whatever they are trying to do. 🙂

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