Z got his purple belt! :)


Savor the rend. -SavageKitsune

Saturday BJJ in Seattle. I came in just for “comp class”, but Prof. Carlos misses nothing- I crept behind several dozen people to sit on the wall, and the next thing I know they’re all turning around to stare at me because he’s waving me onto the mat.

Promotions. At some point before today, Reuben was promoted to black. Today, Steven and Jimmy Lee were promoted to black. A few browns, purples (including Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), blues, lots of white stripes.

Comp class today was not positional sparring nor KOTH, but all 8-min spars. Well worth coming into today, as I got three black belts in a row. Also a 4 stripe white belt woman, and Pat (no-gi).

I got a couple of sweeps on the white belt, which was very nice.

I came home and posted Barney pics on Z’s Facebook wall.

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