When you ask someone how he or she gets so much done, the answer usually includes, “I don’t watch TV.” –Richard Moran

Another 2 hours of private handgun instruction. We focused exclusively on revolvers today.

A little review first. Note that I tend to not choke my right hand far up enough on the grip, and I tend to want to leave too much space between the heel of my left hand and the grip. Wrap left hand all the way around the right, press heel of hand in firmly- don’t leave any space- and wrap left thumb overtop all.

Note that different types of revolvers may have different mechanisms for popping the cylinder out. Some revolvers do not offer both single- and double-action.

To pop cylinder out, cup gun in left hand. Operate crane latch with right thumb.

Don’t forget: cock the gun with the LEFT thumb, so you don’t have to move/compromise your grip. It’s easier to cock it when it is in the “down ready” position. Trying to cock while holding it in firing position results in waving the muzzle all over the place.

On the range. We shot several different common concealed carry revolvers. My accuracy and precision are otherworldly. Nothing but bullseye after bullseye, with multiple bullets following one another through the same holes. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I knocked the instructor’s socks off. 😉

I bought a Ruger SP101. It’s a little on the big side for a concealed carry gun, but I prefer a larger, heavier gun for accuracy and less kick. It fits in the front of the belly band beautifully. I was wearing a scrub top and you can’t see it. Slightly behind the rt hip works as well. I felt like this would be very visible, and didn’t even believe the instructor when she said it wasn’t obvious. Had to go in the bathroom and look for myself.

I also bought a leather clip holster, cleaning kit, self defense (hollow point) ammo and some practice ammo, and dummy ammo. On top of the private lessons, my credit card was weeping for mercy. Now is not the time to be throwing money around, but this really needed to be done.

I was planning to go to Doug’s BJJ class tonight, but I got called in to work. Unfortunately there was candy and cookies there. I was 130 this morning.

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