Sherdog tucks its tail

I’m sure the thread on this link is going to get deleted pretty quick, so I’ll summarize. The Sherdog site has deleted multiple threads (several thousand posts in all) regarding Lloyd Irvin Jr and his associations with rape. Conversations on that topic are no longer permitted. (!!!) Yeah, you heard me. Apparently he and/or his cronies started whining threats about lawsuits, and the Sherdog mods caved “quicker than a cheap folding chair at a fat man convention” (thanks NateTX4112).

All new threads about LI… as well as any threads about the censorship itself … are being deleted as fast as people can post them.

Just another case of dangerous elements in our midst trying (and SUCCEEDING!!!!!! They are SUCCEEDING, folks!!!!) to intimidate us all into shutting up and letting them go about their victimizing in peace.

This message brought to you because you have a right to know who you’re training with, and who your families and friends are training with.

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