Always assume the gun is loaded


1: Always assume the gun is loaded.
2: Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
3: Keep finger OFF the trigger until you’re ready to shoot.
4: Know your target, and what is behind and beyond it.

Private handgun class with Chelsea’s mom.

It gave her a big happy that I was able to rap the 4 Commandments of Gun Safety on cue.

We talked about home defense, carry options, legalities, semiautomatics vs revolvers, grip, stance, sights, loading, safeties, sequence of firing, and more. There was some that I already knew, which was a little painful because this is costing me a mint, but it’s good that she’s thorough.

I bought a belly band, which I think is going to be my best option for concealed carry most of the time. The one time I will be grateful for my chest; in the lee of the boobs is a space plenty big enough to hide even a fairly large piece. There was also a holster that slips into one’s waistline that actually looked like it might work even if I’m *not* wearing six extra shirts. Unfortunately the cargo pants that I usually wear to work do not seem to have any pockets quite big enough.


Left hand does not want to grip high enough or close enough on the gun. Pop both thumbs up to adjust. Left fingers should wrap all the way around the front and the palm should be pressing on the gun. Right wrist should be slightly bent.

Lock wrists, semi-lock elbows, flare the elbows out a bit, round the shoulders a bit. I am more comfortable with one foot slightly back. Note that since I am right handed, it should be the right foot back. (That felt a little odd, so pay attention)

The front sight wants to float up. Keep all three level.

Do not “bowl” (big underhand swing) or “fly-fish” (big overhand swing) while bringing the gun up.

Start with low ready. Bring gun up to chest, pointing to target. Then push out.

After fire, hold position and trigger for 3 seconds. Back to chest. Check around for threat’s buddies. Then to low ready. Do not forget or cheat this check. It also helps to break the “tunnel vision” phenomenon.

Do not call a magazine a “clip” unless you want to look like a moron.

To unload: remove magazine first. Then remove bullet in chamber. Then double-check both by sight and by poking finger in.

Must change grip to use magazine release button. Use left land for this.

Use left hand to rack. Heel of palm and fingertips. Fingertips pointing away.

Be decisive while racking. Firm push-and-pull motion, then let go and let it snap.

Keep hand away from the opening where the bullets and casings are popping out- both to avoid getting skin pinched in there, and to avoid blocking the bullets/casings from ejecting.

Be decisive while loading magazine. Ram it in forcefully with heel of hand. Pick up the magazine with index finger touching point of first loaded bullet, so that you don’t have to look as you’re loading.

If you drop something on the floor, lay the gun on the table before picking it up.

There was a lot more, some of which I hope I actually retain so as to not look like a doofus for the next class (and to actually get on the range this time). I was too exhausted to blog yesterday after the lesson. Also too exhausted to go to BJJ class, to my dismay. Stress is really taking a toll on me right now.

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