Thursday Dawn Patrol


The best commander attacks when the least skilled is still busy making plans. –Sun Tzu

Dawn Patrol at Seattle.

I missed the warmup.

Single leg takedowns. Drop inside knee between hir feet, Head pressed to hir belly and looking in, grab behind heel and thigh behind knee. Lots of details for me to mix up. Had to think hard every time. Still used wrong knee, head wrong way, forgot to grab heel. Also dropped knee on Steve’s toe twice. I suck. 😦

Drilling side control escapes, scarf escapes.

Basic guard break. First with someone your own size (Steve), then with someone of a different body type (the blue belt cop who is built like a granite statue).

One roll with Steve and one with the Granite Statue. It’s so nice to work with Steve. He’s my size, and very good, and a heck of a nice guy. Both guys complimented me sincerely on my BJJ. I appeared to be a purple belt again today.

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