Feelin’ like a purple belt….


A student learning self defense MUST learn force law. Otherwise it is possible to train to go to prison. A self defense response where you wind up behind bars for years is not a very good win. –Rory Miller

Evening BJJ in Bellevue.

Same techniques as this morning, drilling with Chrisanne and Lindsey.

It was one of those days where I inexplicably perform more poorly in the evening doing Round Two of the same thing than I did in the morning when it was new. Not sure why this happens, but it happens a lot… mental exhaustion?

Lindsay caught on very quickly and was doing it so fast and smooth that they eye could barely follow… I think both Chrisanne and I were feeling like drunk dancing grizzly bears in comparison.

Still having trouble with that underhook- which Prof Carlos made a point of stressing (again) is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE WHOLE THING.

One roll with Lindsay, one with Chrisanne, one with Casey. Spent much of Casey’s roll with him standing and trying to pass my open guard. We got into a really nice fast flow-roll space with it. I was a rock star. I had thirty knees and they were whipping around like a buzz saw on ‘roids. I felt like a purple belt, which is a very rare feeling for me. I hope Carlos saw at least a little of that.

Afterward, Lindsay, Casey, Carlos and I stripped half our clothes off and compared tattoos…many of which are Prof. Lindsey’s work. Casey has portraits of Carlos Gracie Sr and Helio in black and white on his flank. They look spectacular.

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