An hour of Lindsey


Systems talk about chi, intent, fa-jing, or some other “magical” effect, and the desperate seeker (who if he had just picked something, stuck with it, and put in the required hours of focused practice would be a master) runs from one to another, looking for the magic key to power. He never finds it because he never stays long enough to realize that the secret doesn’t really exist. -Campfire Tales From Hell


Lunchtime BJJ at Bellevue.

Winter training is in one sense worse than summer training…. Carlos comes in in the morning and turns the heater on full blast, and you can feel it roaring and baking on you as you do the “warm-ups”, and halfway through the first round of whatever you’re drilling, you’re ready to sell your soul to anyone who will turn that fucking heater off. I have learned to not grouse about it, though…. if you bitch, Carlos leaves it on even longer.

More side control today.

You are under side control. Place the knee nearest the opponent’s feet against hir ribs (You must remember to do this FIRST). Frame, push, stick that knee in there. Bring your other leg over opponent’s head and armbar.

Positional sparring from side control. Person on top is supposed to skate around, side to side, N/S. I was feeling very low-energy… in part because I was being cooked to death. I was spectacularly inept on the bottom. Some of the guys are very good at catching arms, and I was getting caught with arms over my head and crossed over my chest- moreso as I got more tired and frustrated. I get sloppy when I get frustrated. I did a little better on top.

No-gi open mat. I spent a full hour rolling with Lindsey. I very much enjoy rolling with Lindsey. She is also a really valuable person for me to train with leading up to the tourney. She is at 138 right now (although she feels so light!), and is very cool about my doing just a TEENY bit of shoulder pressure and crossfacing, etc. She did catch me in a couple of bad positions twice, although none three times.

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