He can punch you


In most cases, aggression beats skill. –Rory Miller

Thurs: 127

I’ve been undisciplined lately with the Dr Pepper, and I have also been having some pasta (I’ve stayed away from pasta and rice for months). I am doing well with portion control and snacking (lack thereof, or substituting healthier items).

So…. sore……..

Lunchtime BJJ in Bellevue. Silken Needle, Five Animals, and Leopard Fist to warm up. I haven’t done any Kung Fu forms in a long time.

Guard pull drills. All…. hour……

More work than sparring, more work than pretty much anything except constant takedown work.

My performance started to flag in the final 1/3, as I was weary unto death.

I have been reading a lot of Rory Miller lately. One of the things I sometimes worry about now that I’m not actively training Kung Fu is that I don’t want to become a “sport” martial artist. I still feel that the training I do at Gracie Barra is largely usable for defense… but it occurs to me more strongly lately that when I get trapped on the bottom, and/or when I’m doing “Clench-N-Cling”, those would be times for an assailant to 1)punch me, or 2)try to pull out a knife or other weapon. It would probably be good if I made an effort to focus- at least part of the time- on imagining that my grapping opponent can punch me or pull a weapon. This might spur me to be more actively mobile, and also not get stuck in a “sport” mentality where I forget that theoretically, people can punch me.

2 thoughts on “He can punch you

  1. Can you set up a once-a-month “dirty rolling” day where you practice cheating and everyone has folding knife trainers or blue guns? It’s fun…

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