Sign above toilet at Bothell school: “Hope your aim is better when you fight!”

Saturday BJJ at GB Sea. There were half a dozen women in there today! When we separated into groups for positional sparring, we were able to make an all-female group.

Lots of positional sparring. Then a roll with Kelly, who was on top the whole time. Then a roll with Ron. I actually got a few chokes on him- and any tap you get on Ron, you EARNED- so it’s exciting the rare time I get any. He commented that the gi-and-forearm chokes appear to be my “bread and butter”. He tapped me several times as well, of course.

Then I had a meeting with Tasara. As happened the last time we tried to discuss Turtle Drum leadership issues, we spent a great deal of time talking AROUND the problem spots. I wonder why she intimidates me so much. I agreed to commit to leading some more (if my work schedule ever allows).

I am tempted to take one of Tasara’s shamanic journeying classes, but I’m scared of getting confirmation that I’m just not capable. I’m such a control freak. I have only journeyed once, and it was an accident.

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