Attack, attack, attack


“There’s a girl here who looks just like you- only she’s wearing more clothes.” -Willow, Herald Camp

In case anyone cares, I will *not* be dying of melanoma this week. Both of my biopsies- including the one that looked just like a pathology textbook photo of malignant melanoma- came back benign. HIPPA, in its infinite wisdom, forbids health care professionals from looking at our OWN records. Wouldn’t want to invade our own privacy now, would we??? So I got to sit at work all night wondering if I was dying of cancer or not, knowing that my biopsy results were about six keystrokes away and I was not allowed to look at them. I love my job.

Sat: 128
Sun: 129.5
Mon: 128.5
Tues: 128
Wed: 127. Three pounds to go, and two whole months to do it in.
Thurs: 127.5

Thursday evening “black belt” class in Bellevue.

Drills: you are standing, opponent on hir back in front of you, feet on your hips. You push ankle aside, push knee BACK, step near foot up to hir ribs, KOB. This is one of the ones where I start to get really flustered over left and right.

Same entry, but opponent sits up and hugs your right leg. You pull up hir left elbow, pull your leg out and place it beside hir hip, swing your other leg out, take side control.

Same entry, but this time opponent is hugging your leg too tightly for you to complete the previous maneuver. Instead, move your trapped foot right over hir lap and place it beside hir OTHER hip, then slide down into KOB on that side, then place both knees on hir belly and swing around to the opposite side and KOB over there.

Rotating spars. I got the prof first. “Eet ees not always attack, attack, attack- sometimes have to wait, sometimes have to defend…” I guess BJJ does not have Tigers in it.

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