I saw it on YouTube.


Ninety times out of a hundred it will work. If not, then you may have to give them the universal hand signal for LIE DOWN! (Holds handgun in firing position and repeatedly pulls trigger.) -Greg Hamilton


Sun: 129

Mon: 129.5

Tues: 130.5    ankle weights today

Wed: 130.5   ankle weights again

Thurs: 129.5


 Today is the first class I’ve made since the comp. I am at work all the freakin’ time, and I’m really noticing the ambient hospital stress getting to me more when I don’t have that regular gym time. Had to apologize to one of my assistants yesterday for being snippy with her on the phone. (She was the fifth person who had phoned me in rapid succession to ask me the same question, while I was running around alone in the lab like an overcaffeinated squirrel, trying to do forty life-and-death tasks at once and unable to get any of them done because the fucking phone wouldn’t stop ringing with people asking me if ___ was done yet, and how much longer was it going to be?)


Thursday lunchtime BJJ in Bellevue.

As we went to pair up for drills, Hostility Boy and I ended up standing alone at the wall, regarding each other in a perfect harmony of dismay. With an aggrieved expression, he impatiently motioned me over. I heroically restrained myself from flipping him the bird, and complied gloomily. Fortunately, Carlos switched up some of the pairs and put me with (white belt) Peter instead. I have been able to avoid working with Hostility Boy for a long time, and hope to continue the trend. The fact that WB Peter thinks I’m Kyra Gracie is embarrassing- he does everything but get down on his knees and salaam. But he’s a good training partner, and a nice guy.

You are standing, opponent lying before you and attempting to grab DLR on your left leg. You grab pants at the knee with your left hand and ANKLE (not pants!!!) with your right. donkey-kick your trapped leg back, step to the side (throwing legs away) and take KOB.

I was having trouble keeping the ankle- in fact I did not want to grab the ankle at all, and when urged to do so, I realized that my instinct was correct- I can’t really keep hold with my small hand even on WB Peter (small-to-medium-sized).

Positional sparring from DLR, several partners in succession. 

One roll with Prof Doug; noticing that I am overbalancing my own self into sweeps. *After* I took note of that, I corrected somewhat and then found myself being deliberately baited into doing it yet again.

One longish roll with Daniel, who missed the actual class and was thus fresh as a daisy while I was puffing and dripping. He got me in several things (including something that he confessed shame-facedly having seen on YouTube this morning…. I hate getting caught in YouTube experiments!).

Straight to another stressful night at work- a bad bleeder this time, in contrast to the crazy chick off her meds from yesterday- so it was good to get that workout in first.

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