Tiny package


“Today we goan KEEL each other.” –Professor Carlos

Fri: 131

Congratulate me- today I said the N-word to my boss. Well, I e-mailed it to her. All these extra shifts I’ve been doing- they are playing hell with my training, but I’m happy to have them- especially in light of the fact that I could possibly get laid off a THIRD time in the next round of hatcheting. She knows I like midnight shifts. *I* know that nobody ELSE likes them, and that it’s difficult to fill them. She has one of her midnight techs out on vacation and another one out on FMLA. Someone else just quit. My schedule is already bursting, but generously I told her to feel free to shuffle me around. She actually had the sac to suggest that she “could get” me on more of the midnight shifts, IF I were to “volunteer” to forgo the overtime pay that would be involved in the back-to-back weekends. I informed her that I was happy to work as many graveyards and weekends as her little heart desired, but that I wanted to be paid what I am due for them. Good luck to her trying to fill them with any other employee, even if she DID offer THEM the overtime pay. Nice try, lady.

Sat: 131

EEEEEP!!! I just registered for the submission-only comp next weekend!!!! Gi (“light” 129.1 to 141.0 with gi on) and no-gi (class A, up to 136 lb with no-gi outfit on). I need to not backslide on my weight this week, which may be interesting seeing as SHARK WEEK is coming up!!!!  I’m not worried about the gi weigh-in, but I’ll probably have to wear a very brief no-gi getup!  Lord, please don’t let Aunt Flo show up the morning of. She has devastating timing. Sigh.

Sun: 130

Mon: 130.5

Tues: 130

Weds: 130 (I can’t lose any more weight because I can’t get to the gym!!!)

Wednesday lunchtime BJJ at Kirkland. Two tough-looking ladies from Federal Way that I’ve never seen before. Only one of them trained today. I didn’t manage to tap her, but I managed to stay on top quite a bit and set up a keylock and a choke (neither of which quite panned out, but at least I tried).

Shannon, later on FB: I think I tapped more in one round of rolling with Cindy than I have in all of the months since I’ve been back training. Much much respect!

First: Standup. Foe throws haymaker at your head. You “brush back your hair” block, change level, go down on one knee, grab behind shins.  Takedown to land in closed guard, control biceps to prevent further punches.

Same entry, only now do a “duck walk” stand back up on one foot and push the opponent over sideways. I was having some trouble getting to side control (kept landing in closed guard, again).

You have closed guard. Grip break, arm drag opponent crossways over your chest (don’t forget to use legs to help with this). DO NOT LET GO OF HIR WRIST with the matward arm as you scoot out the side and take the back. Get both hooks in. I need to work on pulling the opponent’s near leg out- which HURTS, and makes it more difficult for hir to fight the hook…. and if you can get your foot hooked around the ankle, you can stretch the person out as you roll hir over (which HURTS even MORE, hip flexors all the way up the spine- yay).

Same entry, but now opponent tries to square up again after you arm-drag. Let hir go ahead and yank, because s/he will assist you as you trap hir own arm behind hir head, underhook the thigh and load hir up. If you can join both hands at this point, Cindy calls this the “Tiny Package”. If you’re mean, you can squeeze (she got an impressive sound out of me in the demo). Now you can sweep and go to mount, armbar or any of a variety of fun places.

One roll with Shannon, one with Lindsey, one with Casey (who had instructions to attack, attack, attack… I was exhausted and laboring uselessly after about twenty seconds).

Note that this training blog is now on WordPress, if you like that better than Blogspot. However, I can’t yet figure out how to do a lot of things on WordPress, so it’ll be a while before that one has all the links and stuff. In addition, the import didn’t work very well- a lot of past posts are truncated.


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