The rubber and the road



A dog needs only a few seconds sniffing people to decide whether to snap at them, ignore them, or jump on their legs wagging its tail. Damaged perceptions are the only reason why humans need more time. -Daniele Bolelli, On The Warrior’s Path




Tues: 131.5.    7.5 down, 7.5 to go.

Hour of raquetball. I am actually rather proud of myself for thus far refraining from asking colleague to take it easy on me. I’ve opened my mouth a few times to ask, then shut it again.

Gotta laugh. Guess what was included as an easter egg when I ordered a surgical scrub top from Allheart? A pink lemonade energy shot!!!

The prospect of competing at the purple belt level is scary. When you’re at white belt, or blue belt, you think “this is scary”- but purple belt is where the rubber meets the road. There are a lot of people competing in white and blue belt levels that are only hobbying. Once you get to purple, the only people left are dead serious badasses. And me.

Weds: 131.5

Thurs: 132 (Argh)

One hour of racquetball. I asked colleague to even things up a bit by playing with her left hand. I managed to beat her! But it was still closer than I liked!

Straight from there to lunchtime BJJ in Bellevue. I blithely flung the door open to the women’s locker room, because there are never any women there at lunchtime. There was Vanessa in her underwear. Need to knock from now on, just in case!

All spars. I was tired, and I had no easy opponents. I was doing way too much Clench-N-Cling. Only got subbed twice, and once was with a can opener (!!) but I didn’t whine, because I could feel that it was controlled, and I had plenty of time to tap. I had one white belt- he was strong and frisky; I held him at bay for half the match with spider guard, and once he managed to get past that, I clamped half guard on him for the rest of the match. I apologized for it, but pleaded exhaustion.

Two people swept me with deep half guard. Everybody has been doing that to me lately, and I am helpless against it. I REALLY need to grab an upper belt to give me a little workshop in the near future on dealing with this.

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