It is very upsetting to learn that we will be evaluated and categorized based on BMI. BMI is a very simplistic tool which is inaccurate for many people.

I am an athlete who is almost certainly in the top 2% fitness level of those in the pool. Yet because BMI counts muscle as fat, I qualify as "overweight" according to this tool- which is deeply ironic.

I will be extremely displeased if I recieve letters or e-mails chiding me for being unhealthy based on my BMI. And if there are premium-cost or other sanctions, I will be filing a lawsuit.

Union Rep:
To put you somewhat at ease, the attempt here is to get at folks who need to manage their weight due to being overweight or obese. We are negotiating exceptions to those with medical issues that prevent some weight management at the time it is measured (diabetes and other issues that may need medical management before weight loss can occur) and those who are exactly as you describe yourself where BMI is absolutely no indication of health. We are contemplating ways to get exceptions to the processes that we have not agreed on as yet.

If you would like more detail, or have any other questions, please contact any one of the Coalition team members: (redacted) or myself, the UFCW Negotiator (my office number is below also).

And thank you for letting us know your issue!

Thank you so much for your response to my concern. This has been weighing (ha) on my mind, and I appreciate you taking the time to write.

It does indeed put me somewhat at ease to know that there is an awareness of the limitations of BMI, and that there will be avenues put in place to deal with people for whom this is not a valid measurement.

I’d be happy to submit to a body fat percentage analysis or other measurement of fitness that will not penalize me for being muscular. I realize that these other measurements are more expensive, though. Perhaps any doctor who sees us in-office at some point during the year (for anything) can sign a waiver after looking at our six-packs and verifying that we are not unhealthy. Smile

Union Rep:


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