Catch and Release

Own your s***.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: walk to work. I then reversed any good I did by inhaling a Jack In the Box chocolate shake. I don’t even regret it, not a smidge. Rickson Gracie, those things are good. I’m not sure how it’s even POSSIBLE to fit 880 calories into a size-small cup, though.

Hey! Ron finally got his purple belt!!!! About damn time!!!

John got his purple! He’s mostly training at 13 Hands now. I wish he’d come back. I miss him.

Also wonderful news: there will be a *shower* at the Kirkland GB pod!

Revolution Results are up…. only 2 women competing at purple belt. Amanda Loewen won as usual. 3 women’s brackets at blue, although the heaviest one had only two competitors. By this time next year, there should be more female blues as well as more female purples. There were SIX women’s white belt brackets!

Thursday lunchtime BJJ at Bellevue. All spars.

Began with Professor Pedro (the first time I’ve ever rolled with him). Catch and release, catch and release, catch and release. He waited till the end of the round to *actually* tap me out.

After that, of course, I was exhausted. Yet managed to at least not get smeared by the others. I got a tap on Ram (north-south choke), which was delightful.

Also got to see Nelson for the first time in a while; also delightful.

I forgot my headgear today. Immediately, my hair was an amazing snarled aura standing about 15 inches all around my head. If I ever had any thought of being able to roll without my sweaty headgear and swim cap, this brought me back to reality.

This is an artistic topic…really….

I am obsessed with Magic Skirts. They are reversible, 2-layer garments that can be folded/tied into about a million different dresses, skirts and tops. You can wear the same one every day for a year and never look the same twice. It’s like folding sarongs into dresses- only a few levels up.

Traditionally, they are made with 2 different patterns- usually busy ones, heavy on the floral and paisley. I do not like mixing patterns, nor do I like floral or paisley. Yet in this context, the pattern-mixing works somehow. I have never really seen an ugly one.

I found a knockoff (E Trendy Ethnic Store) which offers some less-flowery, less-paislified options. They have some ethnic prints, which are much more to my taste. Some of their Magic Skirts have one solid-color layer, or a layer that is a watery blend different shades of the same color. Some of their skirts also have a different type of fabric for each layer, which is interesting. On their ebay store, you can pick a specific Magic Skirt (since these are all one of a kind, most online vendors will pick one for you, and you don’t know what you’re going to get. Maybe flowers. Or paisley. Or paisley flowers. Or even one layer of paisley and one layer of flowers. Urgh.)

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