Back mount escapes

Sign above toilet at Bothell school: "Hope your aim is better when you fight!"

Re: Assassin Songbird……

(Ratgirl): He’s fighting with the ‘bird’ reflected in the glass. I had a crazy robin do that to my bedroom window a few years ago. He would switch Windows as the sun moved and created reflective windows.

Ah, spring!

(Kitsune): It’s been almost a week!!!!!!! When is he going to give up????????

(Kitsune): There is literally a huge pool of guano under the window and a second one under the section of wire opposite the window where he takes his breathers between bouts. He is there ***ALL*** frickin’ day long.

(Ratgirl): Dude! You are killing me! You should really make your living writing 🙂

I think that stupid robin carried on for a couple of weeks. Ear plugs!

Wednesday evening in Bothell.

Back mount escapes. With my extreme shortness, I continue to be challenged by trying to keep my weight on the opponent and still be able to get any traction on the mat. I also cannot reach across myself to fight the leg easily, unless I get my body *way* turned into the opponent first. Also, I cannot lie back on opponents chest and then remove the hook. I need to at least get AHOLD of the foot first, because once I lie back, I can’t reach it.

Positional sparring from back mount.

One spar with Cindy and one with Eric. Cindy pulled her current favorite little trick on me a few times, but I am slowly getting better at seeing it coming and avoiding putting myself into the setup for her.

Eric- same old same old- defensive, on the bottom. I again managed to avoid taps and injuries. I spent most of my time in bottom half guard. He kept getting out (with much work), but I would immediately replace it. I could tell he was getting frustrated (and tired). I think if the time limit was longer, I might eventually be able to wear him out enough to start working… but it would take longer than 8 min.


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