Oh yeah- HER.

A while back, I made a traffic stop on an elderly woman. As she looked for her driver’s license, I noticed her concealed-carry permit. "Do you have a weapon in your possession at this time?" I asked. "Yes, a .45 automatic in the glove box," she said. "Do you have any other firearms?" "A 9mm Glock in the center console." "Is that all?" "And a .38 Special in my purse," she admitted. I smiled. "What are you so afraid of?" Looking me right in the eye, she said, "Not a damn thing." -Patrick Irick

Thursday evening at Bellevue.

I caught a little flak from Carlos for being too lazy to show up to lunchtime or no-gi class today… I was already feeling guilty about it, so had every intention of staying for open mat after class. Unfortunately, it must have been a thousand degrees in the gym tonight. Nothing wipes me out faster than being overheated. I had a hard time getting through the drills.

From standing- grip opponent’s rt sleeve cuff with your left hand. Slide into half guard on opponent’s rt leg, underhooking the other leg with free hand for deep half guard. From here, you can roll outward for a sweep (which I found a bit easier to execute (albeit slightly more complex to set up) by using my knees to prop up), or you can sneak out the back door. This seems like stuff that can really play into my personal game, but I think I will need another few classes to truly grasp it.

A few of us were talking about upcoming tournaments in the changing room. Kelly (who has her 4th stripe!) was urging me to do this one or that one, and I said, "Of course, I’d be in Amanda Loewen’s bracket again." Kelly goes, "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." and we both looked at each other in a perfect understanding of horror.

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