Thursday lunchtime

Physical education is the fundamental discipline of life, but it is actually despised, neglected, and taught intellectually, because the true intent of our schools is to inculcate the virtues of cunning and calculation which will make money…… The establishment is a class of physical barbarians…. they do not know how to transform money into physical enjoyment. They were never taught how to husband plants and animals for food, how to cook, how to make clothes and build houses, how to dance and breathe, how to do yoga for finding one’s true center, or how to make love. -Alan Watts

Tuesday: walk to work and back. Still doing well with the soda being cut back to less than half my former habit. The first four days were truly the worst.

I had planned to go straight from work to open mat in Bellevue, but I spent half the night rolling over in bed very carefully and groaning. I appear to have sustained a rib injury rolling with Eric last night. I felt it happen, but it was on/near the breastbone instead of in one of my historically vulnerable trouble spots- it didn’t hurt enough to stop the roll, so I ignored it.

It’s been my experience that most injuries that don’t start to hurt badly until later are usually muscular, or something that has swollen. IE, probably not a broken bone (the times I’ve broken a bone, I knew right away that it was likely broken). The "rib out"- kind of a mixed bag. Sometimes I know right away, especially if it’s the site of a previous "rib out". Others took a day to really start making their presences known. This doesn’t really feel like a rib out, though (Lord knows I’ve had enough of them by now to know)… so I’m hoping it’s just some bruising and minor swelling. I think I should take today off, though. I took some ibuprofin. We’ll see what it feels like tomorrow.

Wednesday: walk to work and back. I’m still hurting enough that I decided I’d better take one more day off. I can’t turn around and look into the back seat of my car. Well, I probably could if I *had* to… but I really don’t want to.


Thursday: Got to BJJ an hour early so as to have plenty of time for a good stretch and warmup before rolling with the rib injury. A few reps each of Hurricane Hands, Little Red Dragon, Black Crane 1 (both sides… ending reap on the nontraditional side needs review), Five Points Of the Star, Spear Hand frag. Injury ached gently, but no sharp stabby pains.

I got punishment pushups today, for drinking water after the warmup without permission to do so. I don’t agree with restricting water during training- maybe because I’m in health care- and I just don’t deal well with the way some people come in in the morning and crank the heat all the way to max. By the end of the warmup, I’m baking like a potato wrapped in tinfoil, and nothing wipes me out worse than being overheated.

All spars. I was pushy about grabbing the people I wanted to work with. This was not the morning to have Donkey Kong or Hostility Boy bouncing on my rib cage. By the time we were done, though, I was getting down to the dregs and had to go with a couple of people that made me nervous. Nobody hurt me, though- and I don’t feel much more sore now than I did before class, so I think with reasonable care I should recover from this one okay.


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