White belts

I would rather get my ass kicked in BJJ than win at anything else. I love it that much. – Parabellum

Ah, fresh white belts. Panting, straining, stiff-as-a-board white belts.

I still don’t have enough technique to beat white belts who are bigger and stronger than I. Two years ago, I would have done my damndest to muscle back, and gotten frustrated when I couldn’t prevent the manhandling. Today, I stayed relaxed and for the most part serene, with only a few momentary flashes of frustration.

Went to the Bothell pod for the first time. Got lost- late for two classes in the same day, that’s a record. There’s a girl there! Panting, straining, stiff as a board… but seems gung-ho and eager to learn.

Same comb-over escape from front mount to replacing full guard as this morning.

Upa escape from front mount- this time beginning with opponent gripping cross-collar. You clasp hir elbow to your chest.

Headlock escape on the ground. Turn slightly into opponent and pull that elbow down to ribs/mat. Hook top leg over hir top leg. Roll toward opponent and get on knees, driving forward to make hir headlock-gripping arm difficult to maintain. If you can keep the arm, armlock behind opponent’s back. If s/he pulls arm under hir, sash-grip under one armpit and over one shoulder and hike your knee up so that it’s pressed against hir back, high up. Pull hir into back mount.


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