Friday lunchtime

You must not come lightly to the blank page. -Stephen King

Lunchtime BJJ at Gracie Seattle. Cindy was there- once again telling everybody and their sister that I am mean and that I beat up small kids. Sigh.

Same butterfly guard sweep we did last night, only in gi this time. Note- do not grip the sleeve. Grip the arm. (This is a persistant failing of mine, and one that I need to fix, given that I would like to be proficient at both gi and no-gi.)

Lots of drill reps, then lots of positional sparring from butterfly guard- butterfly sweep vs defend same, then butterfly sweep vs defend/pass.

Working with Angela the month before PanAms is always a bruiser. I can take the roughness and frenzied pace- it’s good for me- but I do get a little frustrated with *myself* because I know she wants to be pushed (specifically ASKS to be pushed), and I just don’t have the skills to bring it. She’s too far above my level. The only other woman above blue belt right now besides the two of us is Bree- whom I do not see much of aside from when she’s teaching kids’ classes- so I don’t know how much Bree is training. There are plenty of good male partners for Angela to work with, but I wish I was a better fit to help her prep for comps.

She had her toenails painted with the GB triangle/initials. Cool!

Many of my classmates are sporting one or more newly-designed GB gi’s. While I’ve never been a fan of all the patching (and even less a fan of the extortion), and I tend to steer away from white gi’s because of the increased danger of stains… I must admit I really like the contrast stitching (red stitching on white), especially on the pants. The quilting on some of the jackets is snazzy as well.

Drank my one REAL pop for the day after I got home from class. I’m hoping to go over to Sleeper tonight, if I feel upto it… we’ll see if I can resist the siren call of a second can of Dr. Pepper, when I get home.


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