“They’re in my stomach”

Accept your power.

Wednesday evening gi class at Sleeper Athletics. As I was watching the tail end of the kids’ class, Jalen (who does both the kids’ class and adults’ class) took a shot to the groin. He collapsed to the mat on his stomach with his hands between his thighs and just lay there. Eventually:

Cindy: "Are you all right?"
Jalen: "They’re- like- in my STOMACH right now."
Cindy: "Well, roll off the mat."

Clock choke from back mount.

That choke from back mount that starts out like a clock choke, but you trap the arm with your second hand and then place your hand behind the opponent’s head.

Bow and arrow.

Opponent has sitting backmount on you. Defend the choking arm if there is one. Trap one of the opponent’s arms, lean back and bridge, roll onto the side that you have the arm trapped. Pin that leg down and keep weight on opponent’s chest. Walk out to form a T with opponent. Turn belly down to side control. We did a few different variations of this.

Opponent in sitting back mount on you, dumb enough to hang hir head too far over your shoulder. Use both hands to grab behind the head, bridge, walk around to N/S.

Opponent in sitting back mount on you, one arm coming around neck. You move the arm to your OTHER shouder, snug everything up so that your shoulder is socked tightly into hir armpit and hir arm is locked straight. Walk around to side control as before. There is also a kimura you can get from the sitting position, but you have to really crank it. (Cindy noted that it’s a good thing Wei and I were drilling together- because we are both "too nice".)

Positional sparring from back mount- sub vs escape. I did not do very well at this against Wei, in either position.

Battling Wei in positional sparring emptied out my gas tank. I begged off sparring. However, after I’d sat on the wall for a while, Cindy wanted me to spar Axel.

I enjoy starting from standup with Jalen and Axel, since they are close to my weight, and I feel fairly safe with both of them even though Jalen sometimes takes me down fairly hard. Tonight I got two nice hip throws, one of the drop-on-your-butt-put-a-foot-in-his-belly-and-toss-him-over-your-head ones, and one takedown where I was hugging him around the waist from behind and I just sort of picked him up and dropped him. Due to shortness, I had to hip-thrust way out in order to pick him up, but it worked. I could hear Cindy cheering those latter two takedowns, so that felt pretty good. I got a few taps on him- different chokes. Again I tried the one from closed guard with the one trapped arm, that we did in the Old Farts’ class, but just could not make it work. Maybe I need to ask one of the higher belts to help me troubleshoot that; as I keep trying it and I don’t think I’ve finished it live.

Terry insisted that I knock out a few pullups and those shrugging thingies at the end…. Lord, so tired….. he was annoyed that I wouldn’t spar with him- but I know he doesn’t like it when I lie there like a dead fish (I don’t like it either), and I was tired enough that that’s what would have happened.

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