Fox vs Cat

Pain is just weakness leaving the body.

Unpleasant shock waiting in my e-box Sunday morning… Dennis, one of my most reliable longtime Herald minions, has died. He became a coordinator himself a few years ago (bonfire area), but continued to make time to herald. And to flirt. He was a nice guy. He wasn’t that old… 50-something. Had a bit of a paunch going, but seemed quite hale- hale enough to herald, and to haul drums around all week. Yet, "natural causes". Am I starting to get to the age where my friends are dying around me? Already?

PSG’s at Stonehouse again. No word yet on the Hunt.

Tasara is pressing for a 3-facilitator meeting…. I don’t know what to do…..

Work is kicking my butt. My very first "official" day back on the bench, I wasn’t there for a damn hour before my "favorite" (not!) ER doc was all up in my grill. Felt like I’d never left. (She was bitching about something that wasn’t my fault, but that’s par for the course with her, too.)

The hours have been all over the place, my sleep schedule is all messed up, and the boss is dragging her feet about "letting" me work any shifts over at Central (which might give me slightly more scheduling options). She is dragging her feet even more now that one of her other part-timers is leaving- that person works a few evening or midday shifts per week. Boss is pressuring me to take on her hours. That is my *least* favorite shift. Noon to eight-pm-ish, or 3pm to midnightish. Both have the psychological effect of eating up your *entire* day, and there is no possibility at all of doing any classes on those days. I’m reluctant to officially accept that set of shifts- but the kicker is, that in my current role as scheduling grout, if no one takes them I am going to be stuck with them regardless.

Monday lunchtime BJJ at GB Seattle. Carlos chided me for being gone for so long. I’m happy that he misses me.

Opponent has your back. You place your hands over hir hands, lie back and bridge, push one of hir hooks off, get BOTH feet out (Not just one! Or you end up in half guard! Ask me how I know). Turn to side control. Another nice opportunity to elbow the guy in the face if it’s a real attacker; another place where you need to be mindful to avoid clocking your nice training partner.

Opponent has your back. This time, as you perform the escape, s/he tries to go to front mount. You have to grab that knee QUICK and push it back so that you can catch it between your legs. Turn on your side and get the underhook. Use your foot to pull the opponent’s foot out. Use your hand to push hir far knee back. Replace full guard.

You are in turtle. Your opponent is hanging off your side with hir near arm wrapped around your body. S/he may be punching you in the head with hir other fist, if this is self defense or MMA. Cover head (make sure elbow is down- I had to be corrected on that). With your other hand, trap the arm that opponent has wrapped around you and roll. Roll over your shoulder, staying nice and tight. (If you just fall onto your side, and the guy is big, this technique will not work.) Opponent rolls over top of you. You get side control. (Another good head-to-elbow opportunity here….)

I drilled with Cat, a tiny blue belt woman I’ve never seen before. We did well together- whipped out lots of reps.

Rolls with Cat, Gavin, and Coach Dynamo. Then a longer roll with Ian (we closed down the open mat). Cat’s got nice open guard- she did a really good job keeping her knees in there. Nothing really of note for me- except that I got that grab-behind-the-heels takedown once on the Coach and two or three times on Ian, yet failed every time to get on top swiftly enough.

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