All the world will be your enemy
Prnce with a thousand enemies.
And when they catch you
They will kill you.
But first
They must catch you!

-Watership Down

Wednesday gi at Sleeper Athletics:

Bottom side control. Frame up, bridge, shrimp, get knee in, catch opponent’s foot if you can and pull it out, replace full guard.

Bottom side control. Frame up, bridge, keep top elbow braced while you rotate JUST THE FOREARM under opponent’s armpit. Shrug that arm above your head hard, squirt out the side and take the back or hang off the turtle.

Bottom side control, opponent is holding your pants at the hip. Frame up, bridge shrimp, get knee in and use it to scrape the hand off your pants. then proceed as in previous sequence.

My biggest weakness is that I fail to shrug the arm forcefully enough. I also have psychological issues in bottom side control, especially if the guy is heavy and/or tight. I feel helpless.

Spars. I felt very fat, old, slow, tired and weak tonight. On the defensive the entire time, lots of turtle, lots of bottom side control. I gave up one keylock tap that I just sorta- well, gave up as soon as I realized what was happening. Just couldn’t seem to get the fire lit tonight.

Thursday lunchtime BJJ at GB Belle. Still feeling very sluggish. I think part of it is the cold. House is freezing, and it’s (even more than usually) difficult to sleep. Wearing 2 sweat suits + long johns, 3 pairs of socks, gloves (including to bed). Sat out in the parking lot with my gi in my lap debating whether I really wanted to go in or not. I went.

The fresh purple belts continue the 4-stripe-blue tradition of pushing and shoving and jockeying around in line trying to *not* be first. Carlos started teasing us about it. Then he dragged me to the front and said I had to stand up there because I am the "oldest" (even though I’m pretty sure John is older than me!).

Drills- all the same drills I did last week with Angela. They weren’t any easier this time around, LOL. Instead of the failed armbar to omoplata, this time we did failed armbar to triangle.

Double-leg setups. We also had to do extra jumping jacks because some people weren’t getting their arms up with sufficient gusto. Army crawls with our hands clasped together.


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