Friday armbar/omoplata drills

"A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for."– Grace Murray Hopper

Pic- that’s Bryan getting black belted by Rodrigo.

Two reps of Five Points Of the Star, two reps of Tiger Versus Crane (I was dreaming about that form the other night, for some reason).

Toe is a little twinge-y but operative today. Knee seems fine, likewise ribs.

Lunchtime BJJ at Gracie Seattle. As I put my hand on the door handle to enter, Rodrigo jerked it open from the other side and came flying out, and almost knocked me down two flights of stairs. Way to get the adrenaline pumping for class.

Pounced on Vince before class. I got 3 KOB’s on him, but I also spent considerable time under his side mount and top half guard. I need to try harder to stay off the bottom next time I roll with him.


Armbar from guard (upper belts- if Carlos sees you step on the hip, you get pushups!). Angela was whipping these out like a wild woman. She was literally going three or four times faster than anyone in the entire huge roomful of men. I couldn’t live up to her pace, but she pushes me. Maybe someday. Note that Angela says it makes life easier if I relax my arms when I am the armbar-ee.

Standing guard pass to KOB to spinning armbar. I was gripping pretty high up on the bicep, but Angela urges me to get my hand right in the armpit. Do not let go of the pants. The worst part of these was the getting back up again after each rep.

Armbar from guard, armbar-ee pulls lower arm out, transition to omoplata. Angela’s suggestion here: make sure the opponent faceplants fully by straightening both legs at about 11:00 to hir head before bending knees and finishing. I tend to want to leave the legs too close to opponent’s head, and cheat the faceplant because I’m rushing. Also- careful of possible inadvertant wristlock-slamming on those omoplatas. I almost got a few and almost gave a few.

Standing guard pass to spinning armbar, armbar-er lets go of pants grip, armbar-ee does hitch-hiker escape, armbar-er counters with omoplata.

Hakim got black belted, Rheuben got black belted, Chiam got brown belted, Jerome got purple belted. I haven’t seen Bree in weeks, but I saw a photo cluing me in to the fact that she has also been purple belted.

They are going to start a class called "old school BJJ" for 40-and-up only. Of course this could not be announced without the Prof rattling my cage about it in front of everyone. I asked him if we should bring our walkers or leave them in the changing room.

I finally sent a little of the material from the first part of my story to my author acquaintance who had offered to peek at it. Waiting for feedback. Told her to take her time. I’m fairly terrified. So if it takes her forever, I think I’m fine with that.

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