Pic: this is Ron in the front and Pat in the back.

This is not me….. I don’t even know this guy, I swear…. but it cracked me up….

Friday lunchtime BJJ at GB Seattle.

All spars. Lindsey, a white belt woman, and then all the rest were purple and brown belts (survival time). With the white belt, I told her to get her chin down more and to turn to me and shrimp to escape the KOB- then I spent the rest of the roll repeatedly trying to choke her and get KOB until she started reacting quicker. (I am raising up an entire generation of white belts who are gonna have their chins glued to their chests, and will turn into Mexican jumping beans the second you try to slide a knee in…)

I got a sweep on Lindsey… it was sloppy, and I don’t think it was a proper "technique", and it wouldn’t have suceeded if she wasn’t so small- yet I was really excited about it BECAUSE: I made the decision to sweep her, I analyzed where her weight was and which direction she was exerting force towards, I looked at her posts, chose where to put her, and did it. That type of brain-engaged cold analysis- especially live- is something I am very poor at and really want to get better at. Thus this was a progress flag.

I have decided that since I’m laid off anyway- and I never take any time off- I’m going to just take December and January to do nothing but train and write. I’m also going to try to offload the extra weight I’ve put on (hopefully doing a gazillion classes will help with that).

No-gi at Sleeper Athletics. The time of the Saturday class has been bumped up an hour- it is now 1:00, and I didn’t know (so I was late).

Just in time for two drills:

Side control: keylock, straight armbar (Cindy suggests that I turn my arm to get a higher "platform" on this), kimura, foot-over-head to another kimura (straighen that rear leg out to prevent being rolled). Then: Use the elbow closest to opponent’s feet to suck hir arm in tighter, grab your own opposite elbow with that same hand, and squeeze. (Ow!) Once again, much amusement at watching the contortions and facial expressions of those fortunate enough to be today’s demo dummies.

Standup: you’re holding each other’s elbows. "Inside" or "ouside". You want "outside", so circle around to get it. Then tip one side up, dart under opponent’s armpit. Your posture is upright (including head). The back of your head is now on opponent’s shoulder blade. Scoot around hir back to OPPOSITE side and hug. Ideally you have one of hir arms trapped. Position yourself at hir hip as if you are a dog about to hump hir leg. (And again, more amusement at Cindy’s colorful and sometimes profane yet delightfully accurate descriptives). Lift opponent’s lower half into the air and dump hir on the mat.

Sparring and cardio (now dispersed between the sparring bouts… puff, puff, puff…..). Sony has gotten so much better since I last worked with her. Chord is very difficult to fight because he is constantly moving- especially his base, switching and transitioning before you can set anything up. Fighting Cindy is… fighting Cindy! Ahhhh! She and Sony were both wearing gi pants, and I asked them to call me out if they noticed me grabbing their pants. I think I only grabbed Cindy’s pants once.

I feel so very fat today. True that this is what Julia refers to as "Shark Week", but OMG. Yesterday I was really good about what I ate, and today as well.

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